Spring ’23 Textbook/Course Material Adoptions Due ASAP

As announced last spring, Oneonta Auxiliary Services (OAS) has contracted with eCampus.com to serve as the college’s official textbook retailer. Textbook and course material adoptions for the Spring 2023 semester are now due, andall faculty must submit their textbook/material adoption information (or an indication if no textbook will be used) to eCampus. This is necessary for several reasons:

  1. So the college is compliant with the Higher Education Opportunity Act. This federal mandate requires colleges and universities to identify which, if any, textbooks and/or materials are required for each course at the time students are pre-registering. Students must be able to review textbook/course material information in myOneonta/Web Services (and access links to various formats and costs for these materials) so they can make informed decisions about course selection and use of their financial resources. The only way for us to provide this information during course registration is through the adoptions submitted to our official retailer, eCampus.
  2. So students who rely on financial aid to purchase books/course materials can do so. Students can use their financial aid and Dragon Dollars to buy books only when they are purchased through the college’s official retailer. (Books or materials obtained through Amazon, Chegg, etc., cannot be purchased with financial aid or Dragon Dollars.)
  3. Because eCampus will work to determine the most cost-effective options for students to obtain your course materials. In addition to new, used, rental and digital formats, they also host a marketplace where students can buy materials from one another. The national average cost for purchasing four textbooks is $600. This fall, eCampus helped our students spend an average of only $160 on four textbooks due to the many savings options.

While students can purchase books through other retailers, eCampus offers excellent value and supports OAS in giving back to our college. OAS is a non-profit entity that has contracted with SUNY Oneonta for over 70 years to provide essential services. As a non-profit, all net assets that OAS makes annually (approximately $2 million/year) are returned directly to the college and our students through the following initiatives:

  • Student scholarships ($550,000 annually)
  • Fueling our Dragons fund (provides textbooks and meal plans to students with extreme financial need) This fund awarded $24,0072.99 to 88 students in textbook grants for the Fall 2022semester. eCampus contributed $4,000 toward this initiative.
  • Capital improvements on leased spaces (Red Dragon Outfitters building, Starbucks, Seasons, Argo, etc.)
  • Funding for divisional and campus-wide events (campus picnic, breakfasts, mingles, etc.)
  • Residence hall programming funds
  • Space and utilities

If you have not done so already, please submit your Spring 2023 textbook/materials information to eCampus as soon as possible using their interactive online portal (a.k.a. Fast Adoption tool). All faculty teaching a spring course should have received emails from eCampus directly with more information about the adoption process. Please keep an eye out for their correspondence.

You can email oneonta@eCampus.com ,or contact Darrin Lyons, manager of Business Operations for OAS, via email or by calling 607-436-2949, for assistance.