Air conditioning and hot weather reminder

In buildings that are equipped with air conditioning systems, Facilities tries to maintain temperatures around 76 degrees F during the cooling season during occupied hours, consistent with our building temperature policy. Because of the age of our systems and buildings, it can be difficult for us to control conditions at a room by room level. As a result, building occupants may experience a range of temperatures between 73°-79° F during the cooling season. Under certain extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, our systems may not have sufficient capacity to provide completely comfortable conditions for occupants. As a reasonable practice, windows can be opened at night to allow in cooler evening air but should be closed again early in the morning to delay the entry of hot humid air into spaces. Opening windows for cross breeze ventilation during the day may compromise operation of the HVAC system throughout the building.

As we move into the transition period in October, some buildings may be cooled or heated even though the outside air temperature may not require it. This is because it is not always feasible for the HVAC systems to alternate between cooling and heating on a daily basis or in different parts of the building at the same time. However, during these transitional periods, the outside air temperature is usually mild and space temperatures are expected to be within the comfort range. 

 If an occupant is uncomfortable and believes that the temperature is outside the acceptable range stated above, they should call the Facilities Department at x2507. A representative from the Facilities Department will measure the actual temperature of occupant’s space and attempt to adjust the temperature if it is outside the acceptable range.

Contact: Lachlan Squair, Facilities, Safety & Physical Plant,