Assigning essays? Send your students to the SLC

If you’re teaching a writing intensive course or even if you only assign one essay, the Student Learning Center’s proofreading workshop or writing consultations can provide help to your students.

We’re again offering the “How to Proofread for Clear and Correct Writing” workshop regularly throughout the semester. This workshop will help them identify and fix common errors. Students can sign up at

And as usual, we offer students 30-minute writing consultations to review their assignments and help them consider whether they are meeting the requirements. While we will point out some grammatical, stylistic, or mechanical errors in writing consultations, the sessions are usually geared more toward helping students develop and express their ideas and support their thesis.

We ask that rather than mandating or even incentivizing the use of our services to all your students, you suggest that specific students use writing consultations who demonstrate the need for them based on their skills. Availability is limited.