Tuition assistance support for SUNY employees (spring 2022)

Tuition assistance programs are available for SUNY employees based on the employee’s negotiating unit and also through the SUNY Tuition Waiver Program. For those wanting to take advantage of the tuition assistance offered by your negotiating unit, please contact your union office or the Human Resources staff (x2509) for information on how to apply. 

Employees must meet certain requirements to be eligible for this support. Tuition assistance is also available through the SUNY Employee Tuition Waiver Program. Employees can receive partial reimbursement for a maximum of six credits per semester for courses taken at a SUNY institution. The applications for this program are available in the Office of Human Resources, Netzer 208, and should be returned to the Human Resources Office after completion. The deadline for submission of applications for this program for courses being taken during the spring 2022 semester is Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022. You may want to look into both programs in order to see which provides the greatest amount of assistance. If you have any questions, please phone Betty Tirado at ext. 2583.