Barbara Vokatis publishes educational app for beta testing

Associate Professor Dr. Barbara Vokatis, in collaboration with a development team, has published an app inspired by her community service work in an elementary school with her therapy dog, goldendoodle Carmel. The application is called the Carmel’s Therapy Dog App, and she believes the benefits of this application will be substantial for children and their parents, as well as teachers. The app is currently in beta testing on androids. Beta testing will be available on iPhones soon.

First, the app will host Vokatis’ newest book for children, in which her therapy dog teaches them how to recognize the differences in other children as inspirational and uplifting. Beyond that, the book will offer concrete strategies that teachers can implement with students in the classroom to help them in creating a truly more inclusive community of learners who respect each other and even learn to see brilliance in children’s diverse ways of existing in the classroom and beyond.

The Carmel Therapy Dog App will also contain games inspired by therapy provided by Vokatis’ dog. The games will be both entertaining and help children release negative emotions, as well as understand that obstacles in their lives can be seen as wonderful opportunities to overcome these obstacles. Children will also be able to pet a virtual Carmel. Not all children have access to therapy dogs in schools, so the virtual dog therapy will bring these benefits to many children, teachers and schools

Please read the whole blog post as she discusses more recently added features of the app: