Fashion & Textiles student club collaborates with Sustainable Fashion Week

For the second year in a row, the Revival of Apparel Club (also called the RAC), a student club in the Fashion & Textiles program (Human Ecology), collaborated with Sustainable Fashion Week on Sept. 13 to present a short awareness film titled “The Future of Sustainable Fashion.” The RAC’s video appears at 00:38 minutes on Day 5 of the Sustainable Fashion Week 2021. Click here to watch the video –

The video, directed and edited by RAC’s Vice President Ivanah Alexandre (Psychology 22’) features students from the SUNY Oneonta campus. The RAC says “Gen Z and millennials are the main target consumers for numerous mass market clothing brands that are responsible for wasteful production and unethical labor practices. Ironically, the desire to “act now” also springs from the same generation of consumers making the solution part of the problem. The purpose of this video to bring about this awareness and show that we consumers are ready to act.”

Sustainable Fashion Week is an annual event that showcases collections from emerging/established sustainable designers and vintage collectors.