Mandeep Virk-Baker to present at National Institute of Health conference

Mandeep Virk-Baker, assistant professor of Foods & Nutrition, will present her abstract, “Together We Grow –  A Thriving Community Garden Initiative in the City of Oneonta” at the upcoming National Institute of Health conference “Food Insecurity, Neighborhood Food Environment, and Nutrition Health Disparities: State of the Science,” which will take place Sept. 21 – 23.

This three-day virtual NIH workshop, sponsored in part by NHLBI, aims to review the state of the science related to food insecurity and the neighborhood food environment, then identify research gaps and opportunities. Participants also will explore innovative research strategies that could inform policies and practices that help prevent diet-related health disparities, as well as promote health equity. The event is free and open to the public. Learn more and register for this event: link .