Pearlie Baluyut presents virtually at “The Paris World Fairs” international study

Organized by Dr. Thomas Kirchner (Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte in Paris, France), Drs. Miriam Oesterreich and Alexandra Karentzos (Technische Universität Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany), and Dr. Buket Altinoba (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Munich, Germany), the two-day “The Paris World Fairs: (Re)Productions of Art and Fashion” International Study on Nov. 12-13, 2020 focused on examining the Paris world fairs as “intersection points between art and serial production and how the art and fashion exhibited at the world fairs contributed to producing a perception of Paris as the city of fashion and culture. Of particular interest here are the entanglements with colonialism, which become clearly evident in the fashion and textile production” (see program link: 

Assistant Professor Pearlie Rose S. Baluyut, Ph.D., of the Art Department presented her paper titled “The Afterlife of the 1889 Exposition Universelle: Imagining and Fashioning the Filipino in Fin-de-Siècle Paris,” which explores the intersection of power and progress through the contexts of empire and exhibitions in fin-de-siècle Paris, arguing that fashion made legible the fantasy productions of the Others: the Filipino ilustrado as/and indio bravo. The International Study was originally scheduled for March 13, 2020 at the Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte in Paris, France, the German Center for Art History founded and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 1997 “to provide an institutional framework for studies on French art and its reception around the world” (, but was canceled at the last minute due to the COVID-19 pandemic.