A message from the Payroll Office

Whether you are faculty, staff or a student employee we wanted to take a moment to welcome you back to campus! The first couple pay periods of the semester have come to a close, and we’d like to point out a few handy links:

·         For student employees and their supervisors, we have put together a helpful guide on the ins/outs of the Time & Attendance System.

·         Did you know you could suppress the printing of your direct deposit advices via the NYS Payroll Online icon in Time & Attendance?

·         Does your department need to update their designated individual for receiving checks/stubs?

·         Lastly, do you need a copy of the Payroll schedule? You can find faculty/staff’s schedule here and the student schedule here.

For all your other Payroll needs, don’t hesitate to call ext 2504 or visit our website!